Remember to Lock up Each Night


Remember to Lock up Each Night

Most people work hard every week day. They wake up, face all kinds of traffic, work for eight hours, face more traffic, and head home. Doing this day after day provides a person with the money they need to afford their home, car, groceries, and other bills. If a person didn’t put in all of this hard work, they wouldn’t have their home or any of the other stuff that they enjoy.

Since people work so hard to earn what they have, they want to make sure that they don’t lose it. After all, no one wants to ever be robbed. Unfortunately, after a long day at work, it can be easy to forget to lock up at night. By not locking up each night, a person increases the chances of being robbed, which is why law enforcement agencies around the country are working hard to remind everyone to lock up their home and valuables every night.

The Steps of the 9PM Routine

All across the country, police officers and county sheriffs are pushing the idea of a 9PM Routine. This simple routine helps remind people to secure their valuables each night, which reduces the chances of a would-be thief stealing anything. The 9PM Routine contains three main parts:

  • Bring in
  • Turn on
  • Lock up

While this is most often referred to as a 9PM Routine, it does not have to be done at nine o’clock at night. This routine just needs to be done before a person goes to bed for the night.

The first part of the routine, is to bring in any valuables. Whether they are out in the yard, or even in your car, a person should bring inside anything that they don’t want to have stolen.
Doing this reduces the chances of that particular item being seen, which helps prevent it from being stolen.

Most thieves are just looking for an easy score. If they see something sitting in a car or yard, they are more likely to take it. This is especially true if the item is in an unlocked car. Even if a car is locked, breaking a window is a very easy thing to do to get inside, and is less likely to wake someone than breaking into a house.

Next on the list for the routine is for the person to turn on exterior lights and any security systems. Thieves love the dark because it offers camouflage from unsuspecting eyes. By turning exterior lights on to light up the yard, a homeowner reduces the amount of hiding places in their yard, making it less of a target for crooks.

It is also important to remember to turn on security systems. Far too often, people hope that posting the sign that they have a security system will deter criminals, and so they never arm the system. Unfortunately, some crooks are aware of this fact and use that to their advantage. That is why a person should always arm their security system if they have one.

Last on the list, is to lock up. This means locking up the house, including the garage, and any cars in the driveway. The only thing worse than having something stolen, is realizing that it was stolen simply because someone forgot to lock a door. As mentioned earlier, many thieves are looking for easy targets, and picking a lock is a lot more difficult and time consuming than simply finding another place to rob. A person can save themselves a lot of headaches and fear simply by locking their doors every night.

Sometimes the Simple Steps are the Best

Everyone works hard to get what they have, and therefore they never want to lose it. Luckily, there are some very easy steps that a person can take each night before bed to protect their home and belongings.

Law enforcement agencies all over the country are regularly helping to spread the idea of the 9PM routine because it works. It helps people secure their homes and cars and prevents them from becoming the victims of a crime. Plus, since most law enforcement agencies use social media to remind people of the 9PM Routine, it acts as an additional channel for communication between a community and the people there to protect it.

The simplicity of the 9PM Routine is what makes it so effective. What do you think of the 9PM Routine? Do you think it’s effective? Let us know in the comments down below.