I’m Out of Jail on a Bail Bond. Can I Leave the State?


You signed a contract with Hawaii Bail Bonds and we provided the bail bond that secured your release from jail. Now you want to know if you can leave the state.

There isn’t a simple answer.

The bail bond agency and the court both need to know if you’re planning on leaving. This is important because by accepting the bail bond contract you agreed to make all of your mandatory court dates. If you’re travel plans mean you’ll miss a court date the answer is no, you can’t leave the state.

If you do plan on returning in time for your court dates, you’ll need a written permission from everyone involved before you can legally leave the state. Before that written permission is granted, you’ll have to provide a valid reason why you can’t stay put. Things like a family vacation or you simply need to get away for a few days probably won’t be accepted. However, if you have an important employment obligation, a seriously ill relative, or have to attend a funeral, your petition to leave the state will probably be seriously considered, especially if you don’t have a previous criminal record or anything else that indicates you’re a flight risk.

If you decide to leave the state and you haven’t received written permission, you will be considered a failure to appear and will have to track you down. If this happens, you’ll forfeit your bail and be arrested again.

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